Personal protection policy for age 60 and under.

We now offer an affordable protection plan that will suit many of your needs. As long as you are a UK resident it can even pay whilst you are abroad. There are no medical questions to take out the policy.


Can I get cover?

If you are a UK resident above the age of 18 you can take out the cover up until your 60th birthday and this cover will remain in place through until your 70th birthday as long as your monthly premiums are upheld.

What is covered?

  • Core Cover: If you have an accident that results in a broken bone, permanent injury, hospitalisation, permanent injury or disablement a lump sum can be paid out.

Additional Cover Available

    The following are also available to create a level of cover completely specific to you and your families needs.

  • Child Cover: In the event of an insured child having an accident that results in a broken bone, a permanent injury, total disablement or death. It also covers UK hospitals stays because of an accident once the policy is held for 12 months. (Children can be covered from 6 months to their 18th birthday or 23rd if they’re in fulltime education).
  • Active Lifestyle Cover: A lump sum can be paid for specific dislocations, tendon ruptures or ligament tears as a result of an accident (Restrictions apply)
  • Healthcare Cover: If you contract Bacterial Meningitis, Clostridium Difficile, HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Septicemia caused by MSA or Tuberculosis

Cover starts from as little as £8 to £40 per month, depending on the level of protection you choose. The cost of your cover won’t change if you make a claim or as you get older. This personal protection is available in units, ranging from 1 unit through to 5 units.

Please check our ‘summary of benefits’ to see what cover is included, how much cover and the cost of the full range of units available.


As again with all types of insurance there are some occasions where you won’t be covered. Here are some general exclusions:

  • Actual or attempted suicide or self-inflicted injury.
  • Active participation in an actual or attempted illegal act.
  • Participation in some sporting activities including playing a professional sport.
  • War or act of foreign enemy.
  • Aerial flights other than as a fare paying passenger.
  • Accidents where alcohol was a significant factor.
  • Certain task undertaken during employment or self-employment.
  • Any form of military, army, naval or air force service.
  • Hospital stays which are not in the UK.
  • Hospital stays for optional surgery and for pregnancy and childbirth.
  • Broken bones are not covered if cause by osteoporosis, brittle bone disease, or other degenerative bone disorder.
  • Psychiatric illness, depression, mental or nervous disorders or stress-related conditions.

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